RESULT Machine Dishwasher Liquid (C/RESL/10, C/RESL/25, C/RESL/5, B/RESL/1600, B/RESL/3200)

Machine Dishwashing Liquid – A highly concentrated, low foaming liquid detergent formulated for use in commercial dishwashing machines.   Also available in powder formulation.


Available in 25lt or 10lt Drums

WINNER Rinse Aid (+C/WIN/25, ,C/WIN/10, ,C/WIN/25, -C/WIN/10, -C/WIN/25, .C/WIN/10, .C/WIN/25, /C/WIN/10, :C/WIN/10, :C/WIN/25, C/WIN/10, C/WIN/25, C/WIN/5, C/WIN2/10, B/WIN/1600, B/WIN/3200)

Rinse Aid / Drying Agent – Winner has been developed to be added to the dishwashing machine rinse water in very small quantities to lower the surface tension of water. Dishes emerge clean, dry, sparkling and spot-free.


Available in 25lt or 10lt drums.

APPLAUD D/Wash Detergent (C/APP/1, C/APP/10, C/APP/25, C/APP/5, B/APP/1600, B/APP/3200)

Hand Dishwashing Liquid – A concentrated, heavy duty hand dishwashing liquid which is mild on hands with a pleasant apple fragrance. It can also be used as a general purpose detergent for light cleaning on most hard surfaces.

ALL ROUND General Purpose Degreaser (,C/ALR/10, ,C/ALR/25, -C/ALR/25, .C/ALR/10, .C/ALR/25, /C/ALR/25)

Economy Heavy Duty Kitchen Cleanser – An aggressive, non caustic, degreasing cleanser for all kitchen surfaces except ovens and grills. It can be employed in mop and bucket or spray and wipe applications with equal success and economy.


Available in 10lt or 25lt Drums

ALLOYBRITE  Alum & S/S Cleaner (.T/ALL/10)
AS NEW D/W Machine Delscaler (,D/ASN/10, -D/ASN/10)

Dishwashing Machine Descaler – Highly active acid based cleanser formulated for periodic descaling of dishwashers.


Available in 10lt Drums.

ASSASSIN Garbage Odour Killer (+D/ASS/10, ,D/ASS/10, .D/ASS/10, D/ASS/10, D/ASS/25, D/ASS/5)

Positive Action Deodourant – A true chemical deodourant that effectively reduces the odour of urine, vomit, fecal matter etc. at the source. This formulation contains a Hospital Grade bactericide that will positively destroy the bacteria which causes mal odours within 10 minutes. Ideal for use in garbage compactors or any problem odour situation.

CALCIUM & RUST Remover (D/CAL/10, D/CAL/25, D/CAL/5)
CAUSTIC SODA (,C/CAU/10, -C/CAU/10, :C/CAU/10, :C/CAU/5, C/CAU/10, C/CAU/20, C/CAU/5)

CAUSTIC SODA – Raw Caustic Soda for soaking Range tops and other stubborn jobs.

CHLORBRIGHT 6.25% Bleach (,C/CHL/25, C/CHL/10, C/CHL/25, C/CHL/5)

Bleach – 6.25% – Industrial strength (6.25% available chlorine) for laundry and general purpose use. Not recommended for use on coloured fabric.

CLASS Auto Glasswash Liquid (+C/CLA/10)

Automatic Recirculating Glass Washing Machine Liquid – A highly concentrated low foaming liquid detergent designed for use in commercial automatic glass washers. Leaves a clear, sparkling streak-free finish to glassware.

CLEAR Machine Glass Wash Liquid (-C/CLE/10)

Automatic Glass Washing Machine Liquid – A liquid glassware detergent for use in automatic glass washing machines to remove stains. Leaves a clear, sparkling streak-free finish to glassware and cutlery.

COMBI Oven Cleaner (,C/COMBI/10)

Grill and Oven Cleaner – A powerful alkaline detergent for cleaning food residues from interior of Combi ovens. It can be used in either manual or automatic applications.

D.Y.B. Solvent Degreaser (C/DYB/200, C/DYB/25)

Water Miscible Degreasing Solvent – Spray on; hose off product quickly removes oily/greasy soils from most washable surfaces.

DEESTAIN Powder (+D/DEE/10, ,D/DEE/10, -D/DEE/10, .D/DEE/10, D/DEE/10, D/DEE/18, D/DEE/20, D/DEE/5)

De-staining Powder – For general stain removal from cutlery, crockery and utensils.


Powdered Drain Cleaner – A caustic based detergent formulated to open blocked drains, with regular use blockages are unlikely to recur.

DYNAMITE Special Oven Cleaner (-C/DYN/10, -C/DYN/25, C/DYN/10, C/DYN/25, C/DYN/5, B/DYN/1600, B/DYN/3200)

Super Strength Grill Cleaner – A highly concentrated Grill cleaner which stands apart from its competition in its capability and user comfort. It is of course Caustic and as such must be treated with respect, but the results justify its strength.

Easyclean (D/EASY/10)

888 Triple Eight Chemicals Easyclean is a revolutionary new cleaner that is effective yet gentle on all surfaces, including Copper, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Chrome, Brass, Porcelain and Tiles, to remove stubbon and baked on spills and tarnish around the kitchen and bathroom both commercially and in the home.

ECO FRESH – Urinal Blocks (C/URIN/6)

ECO-FRESH Urinal tablets clean and sanitise, whislt providing an odour suppressant and air freshener for domestic, commercial and industrial applications in toilets, bathrooms and urinals.

EVERLASTING Residual Spray (+C/EVER/1, .C/EVER/500, C/EVER/1)

Perfume Spray – An extremely tenacious re odourant for use in toilet areas where a long acting residual perfumed product is required. One small application potentially lasts 1-2 days.

EXCEL Heavy Duty Degreaser (.C/EXC/10, .C/EXC/25, C/EXC/10, C/EXC/200, C/EXC/25, B/EXC/1600, B/EXC/3200)

Degreaser – Ideal for degreasing of truck chassis, motors, transaxles, gearboxes etc. where fast soil penetration is essential. Best results will be achieved when used through a hot water pressure wash system.

General Purpose Degreaser (,C/GPD/25, :C/GPD/25, C/GPD/10, C/GPD/25)

High Foam Chlorinated Detergent – Contains 2.5% available chlorine to enhance the performance of this high foam cleanser. A quick, efficient cleanser for food preparation areas where top results are demanded. Also used as a laundry pre-soak.

GREEN Hygiene Hand Soap (+C/GRE/10, ,C/GRE/10, -C/GRE/10, .C/GRE/10, /C/GRE/10, :C/GRE/10)

Hygiene Hand Soap – A soft hand soap for food preparation areas where bacterial activity on skin must be surpressed.

GREEN SINK Detergent (:C/SINKG/10, :C/SINKG/25, C/SINKG/10, C/SINKG/25)

Economy Dishwashing Detergent – This product is formulated to satisfy the needs of budget conscious users, yet will compete in quality with higher priced products.

LAVENDER FRESH Disinfectant (C/LAV/10, C/LAV/25)
LEMON MIST Disinfectant (+C/LEM/10, +C/LEM/25, ,C/LEM/10, ,C/LEM/25, -C/LEM/10, .C/LEM/10, .C/LEM/25, /C/LEM/10, C/LEM/10, C/LEM/25)

Disinfectant Cleanser 4% – Fragrant, 4% Q.A.C., disinfectant cleanser. For regular mopping or wiping duties in cleaning washrooms, kitchens or general freshening of areas to be mopped.

LIFT OFF Oven & Grill Cleaner (-C/LIF/10, -C/LIF/25, C/LIF/10, C/LIF/25, B/LIF/1600, B/LIF/3200)

Grill and Oven Cleaner – Most effective for cleaning ovens, stoves, grillers etc. It will remove carbonise food spills, animal fats and grease quickly, without damage to vitreous enamel or ferrous surfaces.


95% spirit, no added water.

NAPPYWASH (+D/NAP/10, +D/NAP/20, .D/NAP/10, D/NAP/10)

Nappy Wash Detergent, Cottons – Fully “built” detergent, whitener, sanitiser. Specifically formulated for nappies or white cottons. Effectively cleans and de-stains in hot or warm water wash cycles.

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