ALLOYBRITE  Alum & S/S Cleaner (.T/ALL/10)
D.Y.B. Solvent Degreaser (C/DYB/200, C/DYB/25)

Water Miscible Degreasing Solvent – Spray on; hose off product quickly removes oily/greasy soils from most washable surfaces.

EXCEL Heavy Duty Degreaser (.C/EXC/10, .C/EXC/25, C/EXC/10, C/EXC/200, C/EXC/25, B/EXC/1600, B/EXC/3200)

Degreaser – Ideal for degreasing of truck chassis, motors, transaxles, gearboxes etc. where fast soil penetration is essential. Best results will be achieved when used through a hot water pressure wash system.

NO PANE Glass Cleaner (+C/NOP/25, ,C/NOP/10, -C/NOP/10, .C/NOP/10, .C/NOP/25, /C/NOP/10, :C/NOP/10, :C/NOP/25, C/NOP/10, C/NOP/125, C/NOP/200, C/NOP/25, C/NOP/5, B/NOP/1600, B/NOP/3200)

Glass Cleaner – Specifically formulated for use when cleaning glass, laminates, chrome and highly polished surfaces. Spray on – wipe off, leaves a crystal clear, streak-free finish.


Available in 10lt or 25lt Drums


Rejuvenator for rubber, plastics or vinyl – Designed to improve the appearance of rubber, plastic or vinyl and to delay the hardening of such surfaces.

Available in 25lt or 10lt drums

ULTIMATE Vehicle Wash (C/ULT/10, C/ULT/1000, C/ULT/200, C/ULT/25, B/ULT/1600, B/ULT/3200)

Truck & Vehicle Wash – Safely removes soils, oils and road film from all vehicle surfaces without the risk of damage to paint, livery or brightwork.

Available 10lt and 25lt Drums