CHLORBRIGHT 6.25% Bleach (,C/CHL/25, C/CHL/10, C/CHL/25, C/CHL/5)

Bleach – 6.25% – Industrial strength (6.25% available chlorine) for laundry and general purpose use. Not recommended for use on coloured fabric.

NAPPYWASH (+D/NAP/10, +D/NAP/20, .D/NAP/10, D/NAP/10)

Nappy Wash Detergent, Cottons – Fully “built” detergent, whitener, sanitiser. Specifically formulated for nappies or white cottons. Effectively cleans and de-stains in hot or warm water wash cycles.

OXYPOWER Colour Safe Bleach (.D/OXY/10, D/OXY/10, D/OXY/20, D/OXY/5)

Perborate Based,Colour Safe Bleach – Use to brighten non stable coloured laundry items. Hot wash for best results.

SUNBRIGHT Laundry Liquid (.D/SUNB/10, .D/SUNB/25, C/SUNB/10, C/SUNB/25, D/SUNB/10, D/SUNB/25)

Laundry Liquid – Heavy duty liquid laundry detergent with a fresh floral fragrance. Most economical and suitable for use in washing machines as well as hand washing.


Available in 10lt or 25lt Drums

SUNRISE Laundry Powder (+D/SUNR/20, ,D/SUNR/20, -D/SUNR/10, -D/SUNR/20, .D/SUNR/10, .D/SUNR/20, /D/SUNR/20, D/SUNR/10, D/SUNR/20, D/SUNR/25, D/SUNR/5, B/SUNR/800)

Laundry Powder – Formulated as a commercial and semi-commercial laundry powder for use in washing machines as well as hand washing and designed to meet all normal wash requirements. It has a controlled foam level to ensure an efficient wash, it also contains optical brighteners and whiteners to produce a truly brighter, whiter wash. Sunrise Powder is pleasantly perfumed with eucalyptus oil.