NO PANE Glass Cleaner (+C/NOP/25, ,C/NOP/10, -C/NOP/10, .C/NOP/10, .C/NOP/25, /C/NOP/10, :C/NOP/10, :C/NOP/25, C/NOP/10, C/NOP/125, C/NOP/200, C/NOP/25, C/NOP/5, B/NOP/1600, B/NOP/3200)

Glass Cleaner – Specifically formulated for use when cleaning glass, laminates, chrome and highly polished surfaces. Spray on – wipe off, leaves a crystal clear, streak-free finish.


Available in 10lt or 25lt Drums

ONE SHOT Washroom Cleaner (-C/ONE/10, -C/ONE/25, :C/ONE/10, C/ONE/10, C/ONE/25, B/ONE/1600, B/ONE/3200, B/ONE/800)

Washroom Cleanser – An acid based “One Shot” product to tackle the whole washroom cleaning needs from shower to bowl. It will efficiently remove soap scum & body fat from showers yet safely clean hand basins and toilet bowls. Used at a 1-20 dilution it will disinfect & deodourise while cleaning and controlling mould problems and quickly remove uric acid build up.

OVEN & GRILL Cleaner (C/OVEN/10)

Grill and Oven Cleaner – Most effective for cleaning ovens, stoves, grillers etc. It will remove carbonise food spills, animal fats and grease quickly, without damage to vitreous enamel or ferrous surfaces.

OVERALL – Chlorinated Cleaner (-C/OVER/10)
OXYPOWER Colour Safe Bleach (.D/OXY/10, D/OXY/10, D/OXY/20, D/OXY/5)

Perborate Based,Colour Safe Bleach – Use to brighten non stable coloured laundry items. Hot wash for best results.

PINE FRESH Disinfectant (-C/PIN/10, -C/PIN/25, C/PIN/10, C/PIN/25)
PROTECTOR Surface Sanitiser (+C/PROT/1, ,C/PROT/L, ,C/PROT/L0, -C/PROT/1, -C/PROT/10, -C/PROT/25, .C/PROT/1, :C/PROT/1, C/PROT/1, C/PROT/10, C/PROT/25, C/PROT/5, B/PROT/1600, B/PROT/25, B/PROT/3200)

No Rinse Food Surface Sanitiser – Protector is formulated to provide an economical, highly active sanitiser, intended for use after end of day cleaning in food preparation areas. Application is via swab or spray, full surface contact is intended with no rinse needed. This product is equally efficient when used as a final rinse in refrigerators or on cool room surfaces. Used in rinse water after cleansing it will control odours emanating from floor drains.

QUEST Toilet Bowl Cleanser (C/QUE/10, C/QUE/25, C/QUE/5, B/QUE/1600, B/QUE/3200)

Toilet Bowl Cleanser – An acidic cleaner/disinfectant for toilet bowls and urinals. Contains a deodorant to leave a lingering fresh “Wintergreen” perfume, the acid base effectively removes uric acid build up.

QUICK n EASY Multi Purpose Degreaser (,C/QUI/10, -C/QUI/10, -C/QUI/25, /C/QUI/10, :C/QUI/10, :C/QUI/25, C/QUI/10, C/QUI/25, B/QUI/1600, B/QUI/3200)

Spray and Wipe Degreaser – A concentrated multi-purpose spray on – wipe off liquid cleaner. Completely soluble in water, will remove grease and grime from almost any surface. Most economical and ideal for atomiser use. For best results use diluted. Add 1lt of QUICK ‘n’ EASY to 24lts of water. Add 400mls of QUICK ‘n’ EASY to 9.6lts of water. One 25lt of QUICK ‘n’ EASY will make 625lts of diluted product.


Available in 25lt or 10lt drums

RESULT Dishwashing Powder (,D/RESP/10)

Machine Dishwashing Powder – A highly concentrated, low foaming detergent powder formulated for use in commercial dishwashing machines.

Available in 5kg, 10kg or 25kgs

SAFECLEAN (Non Caustic) Detergent Degreaser (-C/SAFEC/25)

Detergent/ Degreaser Cleaner – Safe and effective general purpose cleaner/degreaser for the removal of grease and grime from almost any surface including kitchen wall, floors and equipment.

SAFEHANDS A_septic W/less Gel (D/SAFEH/4)

An Antiseptic Waterless Hand Gel

SHINE Stainless Steel Cleaner (-C/SHI/1, -C/SHI/5, .C/SHI/5, /C/SHI/5)

Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish – Cleans and polishes in one application, providing protection against finger marks and oxidation on uncoated and lacquer coated stainless steel, aluminium, copper and anodised metals. A lemon perfumed polish intended for use where hand contact creates need for constant cleaning, a light spray application will effect a protective coating which can be simply buffed to remove most marks.


Available in 500ml, 1lt, 5lt, 10lt and 25lt Drums

SILKY Cream Cleanser Liquid (-D/SIL/10, D/SIL/1, D/SIL/10, D/SIL/5)

Cream Cleanser – A thick, gentle cream cleanser for most washable surfaces.

SOFT N CLEAN Liquid Hand Soap (-C/SOF/10, .C/SOF/10)

Liquid Hand Soap – A pleasantly perfumed liquid hand soap. Non-clogging, non-corrosive, ideally suited to use in most wall mounted dispensers.

SUNBRIGHT Laundry Liquid (.D/SUNB/10, .D/SUNB/25, C/SUNB/10, C/SUNB/25, D/SUNB/10, D/SUNB/25)

Laundry Liquid – Heavy duty liquid laundry detergent with a fresh floral fragrance. Most economical and suitable for use in washing machines as well as hand washing.


Available in 10lt or 25lt Drums

SUNRISE Laundry Powder (+D/SUNR/20, ,D/SUNR/20, -D/SUNR/10, -D/SUNR/20, .D/SUNR/10, .D/SUNR/20, /D/SUNR/20, D/SUNR/10, D/SUNR/20, D/SUNR/25, D/SUNR/5, B/SUNR/800)

Laundry Powder – Formulated as a commercial and semi-commercial laundry powder for use in washing machines as well as hand washing and designed to meet all normal wash requirements. It has a controlled foam level to ensure an efficient wash, it also contains optical brighteners and whiteners to produce a truly brighter, whiter wash. Sunrise Powder is pleasantly perfumed with eucalyptus oil.

SUPREME Polish (D/SUP/10)

Floor Sealer / Finish – A high solids floor finish formulated to quickly establish a high gloss, hard wearing surface on most vinyl, rubber, lino or well sealed timber floors.

TASKMASTER Dishwashing Liquid (D/TAS/10, D/TAS/25)

Hand Dishwashing Liquid – A concentrated, heavy duty hand dishwashing liquid which is mild on hands with a pleasant lemon fragrance. It can also be used as a general purpose detergent for light cleaning on most hard surfaces.

TORNADO Non Caustic Detergent (-C/TOR/10, -C/TOR/25, C/TOR/10, C/TOR/25, B/TOR/1600, B/TOR/3200)

Detergent/Degreaser – Heavy duty “Non Caustic” liquid detergent/degreaser, safely and efficiently removes a wide range of grease and soils from all common kitchen surfaces.


Available in 10lt and 25lt Drums


Rejuvenator for rubber, plastics or vinyl – Designed to improve the appearance of rubber, plastic or vinyl and to delay the hardening of such surfaces.

Available in 25lt or 10lt drums

ULTIMATE Vehicle Wash (C/ULT/10, C/ULT/1000, C/ULT/200, C/ULT/25, B/ULT/1600, B/ULT/3200)

Truck & Vehicle Wash – Safely removes soils, oils and road film from all vehicle surfaces without the risk of damage to paint, livery or brightwork.

Available 10lt and 25lt Drums

WHITE PEARL Hand Soap (+C/WHI/10, +C/WHI/25, ,C/WHI/10, ,C/WHI/25, -C/WHI/10, -C/WHI/25, .C/WHI/10, .C/WHI/25, /C/WHI/10, :C/WHI/10, :C/WHI/25, C/WHI/10, C/WHI/25, C/WHI/5, B/WHI/1600, B/WHI/3200)

Liquid Hand Soap – A pleasantly perfumed liquid hand soap. Non-clogging, non-corrosive, ideally suited to use in most wall mounted dispensers.


Available in 10lt or 25lt Drums

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