Our Commitment to the Environment

Environmentally friendly packaging

As part of our commitment to the environment, we have partnered with industry leaders in environmentally responsible packaging options for our products.
We engage in a drum recycling program and as such we are able to collect empty chemical drums from your premises, adding a further saving on your waste costs.

Bag In Box Products

Our innovative bag-in-box concept helps ensure that you are getting the full value of a product by getting the full volume of the product, a place where traditional bottles and plastic cubes have fallen short. The bag in box system is also made of mostly cardboard with a small amount of plastic, resulting in 75% of the product being 100% recyclable. The remaining 25% can be disposed of in the proper way meaning the product still remains a more environmentally conscious choice than traditional plastic drums, adding a further saving on your waste costs.

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Andrew Tkatchenko

888 Chemicals CEO